Monday, September 9, 2013

September 8th

Not a ton of shopping (I will admit that I actually like the new font size easier to read) there's a few used bookstores that we frequent because that's one of the few places reachable by bike (I'm still baffled no one has yelled at me for getting in an accident) oh well Erin hasn't e-mailed me a in a few. Sister cooper is the other lady and to be honest that doesn't surprise me that much but she does have some really good recipes. she also likes poking people it is an old fashioned thing people would do so people would know they were thinking about it. and as for getting her address that will be most complicated for me as I have no means of contacting her, your best bet is to ask for it via facebook (you can message people). as for Olympia itself not a super amount of interesting stuff nearby outside of a few graffitied walls, a couple of nightclubs, bookstores, and the occasional boutique. down town Olypmia is believe it or not more boring then downtown mesa. I did do a lovely trip into the actually capital place and took a few pictures of some monuments, the grand irony is that Washington is possibly one of the most anti-war yet it has like 5 statues and monuments for WW2. We do indeed e-mail from a public library titled the Olympia library because well they aren't the most creative folks despite what you'd think with the legalization of all them drugs they seem to be in love with. I have a microwave a hot plate and that's about it (fridge freezer etc. are standard.) not too much on the work front mostly just biking around knocking doors and freezing because well its very wet right now. I wish I had more but sadly not much to say this week. outside of answering the few questions you had.