Monday, November 25, 2013


This week In a sentence- "I CAN'T BREATHE AND MY FACE HURTS!" the week in a word- everywhere. So this week I was sick with a cold and now as you are aware a sinus infection. BUT I GOT TO MEET NEIL L. ANDERSEN AND SHAKE HIS HAND!!!! he was hilarious. Apparently Elder Packard calls him and several of the others "Kids" and told him to enjoy his youth while he still had it. when he walked in and we were all standing he asked "how long have they made you stand up?" also interesting note is he is a shorter guy and a little pudgy, not super big but he has a little gut, I found this amusing but I'm sick and haven't slept for a week.
Elder Andrew Hyde (I doubt I could ever call him Andrew or Andy or Drew or what ever he goes by) and Michael Allred (Please ask your parents about any Allreds in Mapleton as that's where he is from so even if he's not in the same ward he is in their stake and we are related to them through you fathers side (possibly mother I don't have the spread sheet with me anymore) him I could call Michael and he is who I really want to serve with next transfer, as with Carlisle going home in 3 weeks that would leave this area whitewashed or doubled in if I leave and since this is a district leader area and Allred is a district leader it would work perfectly. 
I already have lights btw (you can, as I have many times, thank the Clarkes for that one) a LED flashlight/ front lights as well as a back one that is red so I'm good on that front even if all I wear is black.   Also with Washington the spelling will never make sense, blame the Native Americans for that Puyallup, Sequium (pronounced Squim) and there are a few other places but I haven't served near them so I can't remember them.
I have mentioned Crystal in the past and I do lots for her, mostly as a joke about her and Carlisle, as he tends to joke around with her. I act as her Jeeves cleaning her house on Mondays, Vacuuming doing dishes and laundry (and the first thought that goes through your head is "who is this kid and what did he do with my son" but hey you can say you raised me right) she has helped a lot this week with us being sick and unable to do much, and now her own child is sick so we are helping her help her son Matthew (she doesn't want him to go by Matt just an FYI possibly because of the New Testament, IDK)
I totally agree with that Peterson kid (the name sounds vaguely familiar) and because of that I was kinda an anathema in the mission and I am now 100% vindicated after Elder Andersen's  talk about conversion and baptizing. This mission as I told you was very Baptizing crazy (second in US only to Utah) but about 30%(at least) of those shouldn't have happened but the "you must baptize" mentality still exists, yet here I came saying no that's not why I'm here, I'm here to invite and help others feel the Spirit so that they can make choices to become baptized.
It seems I have become the IT missionary in this area and have had to help people with computer problems and the like, which is weird because, well I thought that in such a tech crazy state people would know more then me by virtue of being from Washington. I'm happy to see that you did get Sister Del Valle, her and her husband were great to us (she is the one who made the trifle and the cupcake with yellow frosting in the pictures and her husband is the heavier black guy in the everything is better with bacon shirt (he gained a lot of weight becoming an IT guy) and I still occasionally keep in touch with them.)
hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving (if albeit a quiet one) Elder "mah fath hurths" Banks  

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


So Carlisles favorite candy is a toss up between Snickers and Butterfingers. so fun story Tomorrow is transfers and for the first time I get to keep both the area and my companion so this will be the second companion I get to "kill" or send home which is always a fun experience. Feeding missionaries should be easy for you since they are sisters and can actually come over even though I'm not there since you are technically a single sister but I don't know their dinner rules so I may be speaking out of place so many places have such different rules and some of them make no sense. Tipton has a Friend in the Las Vegas Mission and they have no rules what so ever as far as I could tell.
Who replaced the Coons in nursery or do you not know yet? I got a letter today from the Hundley's which was sent to my Kingston address  so I have no idea when it was sent so tell them thank you for me because I genuinely have no clue when it was sent. IT trouble shooting is always fun. I have had to help far too many people with computer issues. Its just awkward.
So turns out I missed Blizzcon for the first time in over 4 years but thanks to Washington people being super nerd and loving to inform us missionaries as to what they are missing I know what the next WoW expansion is going to be and that I will be coming out about 5 months before I go home (so in about a year) so that will be interesting but I will need more information before I care super much. I could really go for a nap because I'm not sleeping well and it is really cold this week.
Also I came to a frightening realization  this week. I am not allowed to complain about being hot when I get home next March. I mean I will get so much crap for it after all the making fun of people I did before I left. also I found my cake picture that I thought vanished after I printed some pictures at Walgreens this week so yay!  I've been trying to find stuff for you to do for Christmas and I'm really running blanks her for "fun things"  dad is getting me the GPS ,atleast that is what I was told the last time I asked for  GPS. the oil thingy would be useful as I don't have one and we give tons of blessings. I found a WoW themed journal which would be nice because I almost want to start my old journal over because of how negative and the like I was and a WoW themed one would be very much me, and very cheap.  I don't need ties or shirts or pants or anything of similitude. I also know you like to plan ahead so I have no idea what to tell you.  I'm not super creative and I really don't have much need for things. Which I suppose is good. Kinda frightening to think how close Christmas is on my front 1 transfer and a week, ten after that I'm practically half done with my mission, and then I can't see if I can't wriggle my way back into Kingston my last 3 transfers (4.5 months) which will be about this time next year. uggggggg I don't know where the time is gone but all I know is that it seems to go faster and faster and faster, in a month I'll be 21 AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IM OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Trunk N Treat

Sister Wilcox called because she remembered when one of her sons was on the mission and wasn't feeling well so a member called them to tell them he was doing well so she makes it a point that when ever she has Elders over she calls their families, and yes she is a super sweet lady. The baptism went well. The power went out twice while we were filling the font so nothing went really wrong and I was in the bathroom (my usual resting place ;) ) so nothing crazy happened both me and Carlisle helped her into the water as she had recently had back surgery, then on Sunday I did the confirmation so after 8 months I can actually say I've done it all.  It went super well and a LA who was her good friend is now coming back to church.

The trunk or treat was kinda chaotic for me as they had to bring it inside due to weather, but it went well. I got pegged in the back of the head by a krackle bar by the second counselor because he was trying to toss it to Carlisle who wasn't really paying attention, but got me in the back of the head, and to make it even funnier Carlisle caught it. At the end he gave me a giant fistful because he felt sorry for doing it. I told him not to worry it wasn't the first time nor wouldn't be the last. Tons of candy from members and we got locked up for Halloween. We watched Ephraim's Rescue, a good movie if it drags really bad on a particular scene. We got tons of candy and donuts and a new scripture marker pencil.