Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Some funny stories that I don't know if I told you about, but we went up to one lady (possibly slightly younger than Erin by 2 years) and  she told us that this was her first time  to have the missionaries come to her and thought that was "soooo @#$%ing coooool!" she then told us since the strangest thing that happens to us knocking is some people answer naked, so that we should knock on doors naked, My thoughts were 'In Arizona sure, but here heck no I'll freeze!!!' eh crazy people from Evergreen.  Another is apparently some people were celebrating Oktober Fest way legitimately and had the whole wardrobe on and were way drunk - it was funny to me but hey I'm in Oly land of the crazies (more tame then I thought though but I come from the digital world the REAL land of the crazies.)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Week After Conference

Stuffy HAH! yea we're all a little stuffy, seems theres a sickness spreading throughout all of Washington right now most of the missionaries are sick tons of people we see knocking are sick so it's just been a super odd week of calling and canceling appointments because people are under the weather. no letter and that's probably because the mail is backed up since the gov. is defunct.  Not a ton of interesting stuff going on out side of the fact that apparently I've taken up babysitting, we have a lady investigator who I watch her kid while her and Carlisle talk, which sometimes does aggravate me but, it helps her so whatever, although I do have a black(er) eye since he smacked me in the face with a plastic sword. the weather sucks, its gray all the time, and about mid 40's. GOOD NEWS with conference over winter clothing is in session I CAN WEAR MY FIDORA!!!!!! ha :P.  I discovered something you might find interesting. they finally released the WoW sheet music more widely available from B&N so that's something to consider as I would like to pick up the violin again when I have the money for a new bow and strings, or you could practice on the piano, and despite what you think the music is really good and not super evil sounding, ok except maybe lament of the Highborne (its famous and yea its a lamentation) so there's that oh and a GPS..... I spent one transfer without one and albeit I was on bike it still would have been nifty, but I guess that will be part of Christmas, and really that and an oil container (maybe Deseret Industries?) It's sad that I never really thought about getting one, ok some times I did but I never saw one I liked (the MTC had goofy looking ones). I don't know why anyone would want to live in STV but hey most of where I've served in Washington is no mans land so what do I know? I did enjoy Conference EXCLAMATION POINT hrm hrm my favorite was possibly Dube of the 70 but that's possibly because I loved his accent. Holland's was interesting on depression, no one saw that coming. Yea that was weird for church but I don't think that as the first time, (not counting Bishops wife) but who knows I might just be going crazy, my wardrobe form Sunday might say so. I told Erin this story mostly so she could grimace but I wore my pinstripe suit coat with my plain pants because no sleep, dark room, and lack of common sense combined into that. Hey could you please see if you could have Matt get me Ethan Smiths Email? He'll know who I'm talking about. I'm going to try Kirk again and get me Ben's again if you could.
                                                                                                        Groggy Elder Banks