Monday, June 24, 2013

General Broadcast for Missionaries :)

             the Wa-Fed (washington federal way mission) takes 2 areas from the Wa-Tac(washington Tacoma) Grahm and Puolup (botched spelling) South zones so all hte missionaries serving there will as of July first be in the Wa-Fed. so that affects the mission just not me personally. as with hte broad cast I was hoping more for a missionaries will no longer be tracting which has been flying around a ton instead it was more of a we hate that missionaries have to tract. This mission was the testing ground for church tours so I've known about those since I came out and its mostly for stake centers and churches here that have fonts on sight ( they all do here.) as for the internet I'm not super psyched.  I was never fond of facebook and this means we'll be spending more time at the libraries but the libraries here don't open til 10.
although I can't wait to get my hands on hte new tablets circulating :D)
            This sunday was massively crazy... so Tipton who goes home at the end of this transfer hadn't yet gone to a fireside for this rotation so he got to go to one in the puolop south area (the last one of this rotation) but he spent part of last night and most of the morning trying to figure out what color tie he was supposed to wear for it. turns out no one he had numbers for knew and Sis. weaver wouldn't reply to anyones texts. sothen we were late to ward council forgot our meal calander and also forgot a progress record. so yea rough morning then we had to play car hopping as I went with Pedersen for the day at 1:30 so that Tipton and Bond (he's Pedersens new trainee) could then drive and get 2 other people who hadn't been part of one yet so that was crazy for him. I got to drive for the first time (a wee bit in violation of the rules but it kinda needed to happen since Pedersen still doesn't have his licence.) drive Pedersen crazy almost literaly ;)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Week

"Well I'm staying in kingston for another 6 weeks however I'm getting a new companion his name is elder Tipton. he goes home after this last 6 weeks so this will be interesting going form a missionary who hadn't yet finished his first year to one whos going home super soon. The ward is great even if the bishop and ward mission leader are super hard to get ahold of. Yea stuff is still going poorly and yes there is an extremely high likelyhood I'm bi-polar and no where did it say in my Patriarchal blessing I'll have a trial by fire, the closer truth is that my life will suck but I'll be ok with it. I completely forgot you had your vacation this month and this is being written on Tuesday (libraries are closed on national holidays you know.)  I'm trying to keep busy but with little teaching pool thers not much we can do that won't make my have to spend a few days in recovery doing nothing which would just make matters  worse since I'd go crazy.
        Not super much on hte missionary side of things we aren't teaching anyone and our only semi-solid investigator has to follow the commandment of "honor thy mother and thy father" and as such as a middle-aged man he will ask his mother if she is ok with this, although that also may have something to do with the fact that he had a stroke, so his mother may check up on him (the father is already dead). out side of Pedersen leaving not much is happening Allred and Heyd are still in Poulsbo so they'll be fun to still hang out with and Pedersen is still going to be in my zone, so I'll still see him around.
        Oh big news HUGE fireside that may change the way missionary work is done through most of the rest of the world (aka saying is the members job to do the finding not ours) is this month and the Washington Federal Way mission forms this transfer so all missionarys in the pualop (butchered the spelling) south and Gram are now going to be in the Federal Way mission. I don't know anyone personally going( I don't think anyone from my mtc district is going) however my trainer's trainer is going as well as his mtc comp.
         I'm a little worried that Pres. weaver giving me a comp that's "Dying" is his way of making me take it easy which is something he told me to do which I took it to mean if you don't feel like working don't and I didn't like that way of thought. but thats most of my negative this week Allred is letting me use his thing to help upload pictures so I'll be sending you some, we do take tons since our area is more rural so as long as there isn't a huge crowd of people watching us we can take a few especially on p-days
     Also there may be a few huge expenses on my end soon on my credit card. I'm going to need a GPS (navigating Washington w/o one is just stupid) and I may use the credit card as well to buy things like souveniers (turns out there are 3 lighthouses in my area so thats nice since the Point-no-point one was kind of a bust :( )

I'm sticking it out I love the area I love the ward and theres a very high likely hood I'll be staying here another transfer after this one since my new comp will be leaving so that ate last someone will be familiar with hte area (another reason I want a GPS) Best of luck and I hope you enjoy your vacation I'll try to get more photos to you when I can"