Monday, June 24, 2013

General Broadcast for Missionaries :)

             the Wa-Fed (washington federal way mission) takes 2 areas from the Wa-Tac(washington Tacoma) Grahm and Puolup (botched spelling) South zones so all hte missionaries serving there will as of July first be in the Wa-Fed. so that affects the mission just not me personally. as with hte broad cast I was hoping more for a missionaries will no longer be tracting which has been flying around a ton instead it was more of a we hate that missionaries have to tract. This mission was the testing ground for church tours so I've known about those since I came out and its mostly for stake centers and churches here that have fonts on sight ( they all do here.) as for the internet I'm not super psyched.  I was never fond of facebook and this means we'll be spending more time at the libraries but the libraries here don't open til 10.
although I can't wait to get my hands on hte new tablets circulating :D)
            This sunday was massively crazy... so Tipton who goes home at the end of this transfer hadn't yet gone to a fireside for this rotation so he got to go to one in the puolop south area (the last one of this rotation) but he spent part of last night and most of the morning trying to figure out what color tie he was supposed to wear for it. turns out no one he had numbers for knew and Sis. weaver wouldn't reply to anyones texts. sothen we were late to ward council forgot our meal calander and also forgot a progress record. so yea rough morning then we had to play car hopping as I went with Pedersen for the day at 1:30 so that Tipton and Bond (he's Pedersens new trainee) could then drive and get 2 other people who hadn't been part of one yet so that was crazy for him. I got to drive for the first time (a wee bit in violation of the rules but it kinda needed to happen since Pedersen still doesn't have his licence.) drive Pedersen crazy almost literaly ;)

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