Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Some funny stories that I don't know if I told you about, but we went up to one lady (possibly slightly younger than Erin by 2 years) and  she told us that this was her first time  to have the missionaries come to her and thought that was "soooo @#$%ing coooool!" she then told us since the strangest thing that happens to us knocking is some people answer naked, so that we should knock on doors naked, My thoughts were 'In Arizona sure, but here heck no I'll freeze!!!' eh crazy people from Evergreen.  Another is apparently some people were celebrating Oktober Fest way legitimately and had the whole wardrobe on and were way drunk - it was funny to me but hey I'm in Oly land of the crazies (more tame then I thought though but I come from the digital world the REAL land of the crazies.)

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