Thursday, November 7, 2013

Trunk N Treat

Sister Wilcox called because she remembered when one of her sons was on the mission and wasn't feeling well so a member called them to tell them he was doing well so she makes it a point that when ever she has Elders over she calls their families, and yes she is a super sweet lady. The baptism went well. The power went out twice while we were filling the font so nothing went really wrong and I was in the bathroom (my usual resting place ;) ) so nothing crazy happened both me and Carlisle helped her into the water as she had recently had back surgery, then on Sunday I did the confirmation so after 8 months I can actually say I've done it all.  It went super well and a LA who was her good friend is now coming back to church.

The trunk or treat was kinda chaotic for me as they had to bring it inside due to weather, but it went well. I got pegged in the back of the head by a krackle bar by the second counselor because he was trying to toss it to Carlisle who wasn't really paying attention, but got me in the back of the head, and to make it even funnier Carlisle caught it. At the end he gave me a giant fistful because he felt sorry for doing it. I told him not to worry it wasn't the first time nor wouldn't be the last. Tons of candy from members and we got locked up for Halloween. We watched Ephraim's Rescue, a good movie if it drags really bad on a particular scene. We got tons of candy and donuts and a new scripture marker pencil. 

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